Friday, August 31, 2007

X Factor 4—Neat UK entertainment

On a YouTube session last Thursday, after catching up with What The Buck's latest episodes, I came across an interesting video of TheXFactorUK's channel. It's the quite old reality show where there's a jury, a handful of auditions, an season long entertainment promise, etc. Kind of like Prima TV's Megastar, but better. Not being so fond of reality shows, after the big insuccess of Big Brother 2 and the first Megastar, I've decided to give that video a bit of credit due to the rating and number of views.

And was I glad! After I watched it, I've seen a couple more, and then I went straight to the official website to watch some more. First of all, I enjoy the jury: their humor, their role-play, and—duh!—their taste. It was Nicky that I've seen first. I was impressed by the emotions involved. Then Emily, then Ryan, then Paris. But the best part was just about to begin: On the main site they features an ugly duckling with a headline that said: "Swear it again". How much of an intrigue is that? So I click it, I read the article, I get amused and then I see there's a link to Rachel's—"the rudest contestant ever"— audition video. Golden! It made me watch the rest of the video in the series. And it made me love the show. Not because of Rachel herself, which I think is a total bitch calling herself better than Madonna, but because the show has the balls to actually show the other side of the cut.

Personally, I recommend you watch them all on TheXFactorUK's channel on YouTube, but the highlights remain Rachel and John, who remind me of Red—the next big thing since Freddy Mercury.

Enjoy entertainment! Enjoy it!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Booming times ahead

I'm not really celebrating my name day today, because no one really acknowledges the plain fact that today is St. Alexander's Day in the Orthodox Calendar. I don't think many people actually acknowledge this day anyways.

I am however opening my blog, a third attempt to write consistently on something. (I had a couple before, not worth mentioning, I didn't keep them up.) I have an annoying habit of writing long comprehensive articles, hence I respect my readers.

Autumn—my favorite season, for some reason—arrives in a couple of days, with a handful of perspectives for me. I'll talk more about that on the go. My main focus lies with Information Technology, so I'll mainly talk about my "Eyes in the future"—aka my head in the clouds—, a little bit about "Giving back to the world", and maybe "Lifehaking". I promise to have at least one relevant article every week.