Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We have new—collectible!—business cards

Grapefruit's new business cards

We have new business cards that just came in! And as hot as they came from the printers, as hot as they became around the office: tradeable and collectible goodies. Here's mine:

Mihai Alexandru Bîrsan's business card at Grapefruit

Gotta' catch'em all!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

One-week vacation over (personal recap)

I haven't had a vacation since the beginning of the year, so this short week was heavenly, even though I crave for more. But it's what I get for being MIA for three months this spring. And I'm thankful, because it could have been a lot worse: I could have been unemployed.

But now that my batteries have, at least partially, recharged I can do a short and uncomprehensive recap.

Nobody keeps count anymore

I'm not exactly on track with my plans for this year because, unfortunately, time wasn't on my side with the job challenges, starting the local Magic community and keeping Khrome on track. A lot has been accomplished, but I feel there's still a lot to do.

...of the things I've planned to do

Back in spring I was talking about moving over to a different blogging system in order to better serve my content. That's still in plan, but instead of Mephisto, I think I'd rather use WordPress. I took it for a spin for Planeswalkers.ro and I'm quit happy with what it can do on the admin-user end. And being PHP I don't think it'd be too difficult to extend.

...especially the one's I'ven't even started

A couple of friends and I will soon start working on yet another pet project. It's a game we've been dreaming of making since quite a while ago, and although the code idea is unchanged, the floating ideas have ever shape shifted. Nevertheless, I have great confidence in what we can create, we just have to figure out how we'll implement it. On the side, I've also got two more pet-projects on the go, but little time is found for those, and I don't know if any of them will see the light of online very soon.

Having many things I want to do helps, though. At the end of the year half of the things I planned for the year will have been done, along with as many things that weren't planned. The good thing is that I know what I want to make of next year. It would be silly to have a new-year's resolution of "Heck, whatever comes!", wouldn't it?