Tuesday, September 25, 2007

30 Rock

30 ROCK - EMMY WINNER BEST COMEDY Here's a show I've been missing out last year! (Oh, and apparently they've won an Emmy.) Every night I watch spots from NBC's Carson Daly, The Tonight Show and Late Night with Conan O'Brian. Last night I jump across of what I hope to be the season preview of 30 Rock's second season.

The good news is there's an entire season to watch! I can hardly wait to get my hands on some torrent or something: I want to watch this! Broadcast that on my retina please! The bad news is they might have had me with Jerry on the show. And the way the little bastards put it, some analysis might reveal he's only in the season premiere!

Don't disappoint, NBC! Don't disappoint! Rule.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Emmy whoat?

Call me ignorant, but I don't find the Emmys a popular thing. Yeah, I dig the VMAs and I've even watched the Oscars once, but the Emmys? And so, being a TV content digger, I decided to have a glimpse at this year's Emmy Awards. Well, I've missed the show, but that's allright... I've jumped right to the lists.

It was quite funny to find out that the shows I watch aren't there. Sure, I'm not living in the USA, but I do visit IMDB every once in a while. Hardly any of the shows I see rated by the public on IMDB are found amongst Emmys winners list. Figures why the show had such limited audience this year.

Sure, Heroes got some nominations and Lost even won a prize, but I didn't hear Prison Break being mentioned... Was it too bad of a show? And who the f*** is Earl?

Family Guy at 2007 Emmys There's this one vid on YT that pushed my buttons about the Emmys. I'm not sure if it was live, or in the after show, but either way it's neat. Check it out.

The prime time shows must go on. This fall. Now.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Guess who comes back home this fall!

I'm delighted with the western TV Industry. If there's anyone who actually progressed in the past decade it matter of television, it's definitely the west. And personally, I hate it when Europeans don't get the luxury. Hey, we built America! I demand some respect! Let's talk a little about the cookies we have packed and ready to ship to your local DC++ hub or Torrent website.

The Round Up

I love it how YouTube has made a round up of the best come backs and come ups of the fall. And I also totally hate the fact that they didn't include NBC's Heroes in the selection. Hello? Big international hit? A little like better than Lost? Oh, and speaking of Lost, that bitch—err, beach—doesn't come back until February! Are you shittin' me ABC? Totally. Anyway, I'll keep digging FOX's Prison Break and NBC's Heroes. And since it has good reviews (from a friend) I'll dig FOX's 24 as well.

On Heroes

Since YouTube had a poor selection of Heroes on the round up, I've decided to search some more for vids about the show. Here's my top 3 selection, in no particular order. (That must have sounded just about right, heh?)

Prime Time Preview Scoops Heroes Unmasked: Episode 1 - A New Dawn

And some ugly

Oh, and since in my last post I features something creepy, I thought I'd share something similar from one of NBC's features in YouTube's round up. Digg this:

Dexter: Season 1 Manic Compression

Ok, so I post a little too much on Entertainment. I'll detour tomorrow, I promise!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

And they're only getting started!

I've come across a series of new series (i.e. a matrix) on YouTube this last week. Some of them are good, some of them suck ass, and some of them are crazy.

The Guild

A series for gamers, about gamers by a gamer. I find the plot of this series very funny: A guild playing an MMORPG, made of people who never met offline is depicted in varios situations of their "offline lives". The show is a mixture of a vlog (the Cyd Sherman's intro), and a reality show (alike BigBrother as of the way the characters interact, and alike The Osbournes as of the ways the scenes in every appartment goes on).

The acting is very good, with nicely selected cast. The show is recorded and edited very well. You should really watch this, whether you're a MMORPG player or not. Here are the first three episodes:

The Guild - Episode 1: Wake-Up Call The Guild - Episode 2: Zaboo'd The Guild - Episode 3: The Macro Problem


WARNING: PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED This is one crazy series, I tell ya! Here's a class of retarted kids: one's a hooker, one's a drug dealer, one's an out gay, one's abused by pedophile daddy, etc. And here's an idealist teacher, who has a background in karate and the navy. He wants to teach them kids all their lessons, but in a special way. And they'd better be special! Because the other three teachers before him are dead: commited suicide!

Again, good acting, good script and good editing. If you're going to watch this series, you're in for some weird drama. Here are the first three episodes:

Classroom. Ep 1. The Hilarious Spoof That Started It All! Classroom. Ep 2. (w/ James Adomian GWBush on Craig Ferguson) Classroom. Ep 3. (w/ Ron Pederson of MADtv & Craig Ferguson)

Armoured vans of fun your way!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

YouTube: Can it be more rellevant?

Surprisingly for me I've tubed quite a lot in the past couple of weeks. I've grown my list of subscriptions from 2 to over 20 channels, mainly in the Comedy section. And even so, I sometimes find myself looking for more content, and not just any content more content relevant to me.

Issue: Irrelevant video responses

Lately there's this ugly trend on YouTube when people with low ratings post their video as a response to a more popular video, without even thinking of whether their video is relevant as a response to the other video. Because of this, I rarely even check the video responses. Usually, I'm just setting with the relevant picks on the sidebar, or, if I feel aventureous on a strager's channel, I pick more from the same channel.

I was watching X Factor 4, ep 2, John for like the hundredth time and greedy for more similar content, I glanced at the video responses. I didn't check them all out, there was just one thumbnail kinda sticking out: Leaked halo3 footage. For such a title, the thumnail was most irrelevant. For such a video, the title was most irrelevant. Anyway, I clicked it and it proved to be as irrelevant as it signaled. (The video is the childish "I-ll-put-a-loud-scream-when-it-s-silence- and-you-re-most-focused" kind of scary video.)

Proposed solution: Ability to rate video responses or mark them as spam, just like comments

Since we now have comment rating, it would be nice to also have video response rating. Video response is an awesome feature as long as it stays relevant, and video response that is irrelevant should be marked so, just like irrelevant or spam comments.

When someone watches a video response to another video, they should be able to rate the response. This has nothing to do with the video rating itself, but rather expresses if the video response is accurate and whether it is in tone with the video it responds to. I made a little sketch of how the interface would be like, you can view it on ImageShack.

With this system in place, you could actually see the response rating before ever going to the video, as in this little sketch.

More improvement ideas to come! Stay tuned!