Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Like I said, the beginning of this year was marked by changes. Many changes, some smaller, some bigger, but undoubtedly all changes have happened due to a choice I made.

Bad choice

One of the bad things with my system is that when some plan is in place I usually stick to it. However, if premises change, I usually reconsider my choice, except if I’m way too tired to do that. In January I planned some work to be done in my appartment, which involved a lot of money spent, and lot of dust and…, well, dirt. When I came back from mom late February I had spent a lot of money, and my resources were quite low. More than that, I changed my workplace, and the pay day had shifted an extra half a month. However, I still started the work in my home, disregarding my lack of funds.

Morale: Don’t do that.

Good choice

A year ago, while I was working on maPolitique.be, I had an idea that it would be nice to hold some seminars about Web 2.0 and Rails. Later in the autumn I contacted missis Ema Cerchez and mr. Marinel Serban, my ex-teachers from highschool, about holding a couple such seminars for the students in their classes. We started this spring, and it proves to be a good thing. I really like that some of the stundents are quite enthusiastic about Ruby on Rails, especially those who had some trouble with PHP. I’ll sure keep this up, and maybe talk to a broader audience some time soon.

Morale: Do that.

Of course, I had many more choices to take, but I can’t talk of the most frustrating, and I won’t talk of the most boring. Nevertheless, there’s a subtle embedded message in this post.

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